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Star Studded Tours

Make a Wish...Dreams Come True

Capt. Alan wants to make your experience as fun, relaxing and educational as possible.  We offer a wide range of sailing options, and because of the diversity of the islands and our many destinations, every trip is unique.  No matter if you choose one of our shared tours or a private charter you are sure to find a combination of exhilaration, awe, and relaxation.  Send us a message or call us to talk about your own wishes.


Relaxed Pace

We believe you don't have to be in a hurry.  Sailing is a wonderful way of just "being".  The wildlife is always in motion and often comes to us.  Under sail, with just the sound of the wind and the waves, we can hear a porpoise take a breath or a seal splashing.  We take our time and let nature unfold her magic for us.  Letting go of expectations and enjoying the moment will bring the best rewards.


Where Art meets Science

Explorers are a unique bunch.  We are curious, with a constant sense of wonder.  We want to know whats around the corner, and how it works, and then celebrate its beauty.  That is why we love talking about the back story of the whole ecosystem, plants, animals, geology and their complex interactions.  We also love to celebrate its wonder in photography, paint or literature.


Marine State Parks

One of the best ways to experience the islands is to visit one that is a protected park.  We have many, including some that have National Monument status.  Cruising yachts consider the San Juans a world class destination.  Pulling into an anchorage dropping the hook (sailing jargon for anchor) and going ashore to explore is a delight that only a fraction of visitors get to experience.  Sucia Island, Yellow Island, Jones Island, Turn Island and Point Doughty And Stuart Island all have amazing and unique spots to explore.  You may want to book several trips to go to more than one.

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