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Stable and Fast Sailing Yachts

“Star” was named in honor of J46 a Souther Resident Killer  whale who is the epitome of what the southern resident killer whales stand for: she is always there caring for others, her mom when she was sick, her aunt when she lost her calf, her nephew J47 when mom was preoccupied and often she is babysitting J56 and other youngsters.  In the spirit of caring and protection The S/V Star is commissioned to carry passengers on the Salish Sea for educational and inspiring wildlife sailing excursions. Both of our boats are manufactured by Cascade Yacht Works from Portland Or. and Designed by Richard Smith.  They are well known cruiser racers from the Great Pacific Northwest.


"Star" Cascade 36

Cascade 36's are known to be literally bullet proof.  Over the years stories of have accumulated of boats being dropped from lifting slings, buried in mud slides, dropped from trailers and yes even shot at with minimal damage.  Many of these boats have circled the globe and Star herself has sailed through the panama canal and across the Pacific. She has a full compliment of electronics for navigation, communication, safety and comfort.

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 12.32_edited.jpg


Cascade 27's were created to fill the nitch of the pocket cruiser.  But make no mistake, these boats are great sailing vessels.  The designer in fact took first place on his own boat in the coveted and competitive Swiftsure race here on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  I myself have sailed Genesis in many racing regattas with respectable results.  I've also sailed her up the coat to Glacier Bay in Alaska.  Her small size makes her fun to sail and easy to manage.  She is great for getting the "feel" of sailing.

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