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Stable and Fast Sailing Yachts

"Makani" means fresh breeze in Hawaiian or can also mean "one with adventurous spirit".  This Catalina 36 Mk 1.5 built in 1992 is a great boat for the pacific northwest.  She is fast and stable with all the comforts of a family cruising yacht. Two cabins, full head with shower, fully appointed galley with fridge and freezer and plenty of room for 8 people to eat at a table below deck or topside.  Makani also has a new powerful diesel engine and full suite of electronics for navigation and safety.  This is an ocean going yacht that you can feel secure and comfortable sailing.  


"Makani" Catalina 36

The Catalina 36 Mk 1.5 is the ideal choice for those looking for a fast and comfortable sailing experience. With a sturdy build and lots of room, this boat can accommodate up to seven people and is perfect for both cruising and racing. Built in 1992, it offers all the modern conveniences you need, including a galley and a comfortable sleeping area. And because it has all the safety gear required by the USCG, you can enjoy your sailing trip with confidence.

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Cascade 27's were created to fill the nitch of the pocket cruiser.  But make no mistake, these boats are great sailing vessels.  The designer in fact took first place on his own boat in the coveted and competitive Swiftsure race here on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  I myself have sailed Genesis in many racing regattas with respectable results.  I've also sailed her up the coat to Glacier Bay in Alaska.  Her small size makes her fun to sail and easy to manage.  She is great for getting the "feel" of sailing.

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