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Exploring the Rich Wildlife photography of the San Juan Island

Updated: 6 days ago

Only a couple hours north of Seattle WA, an island paradise awaits, the San Juan Islands are a prime location for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike. At Guiding Star Adventures,we specialize in offering an exclusive adventure that combines the thrill of whale & wildlife watching in the San Juan Islands with the art of photography. Led by Captain Alan, an award winning photographer and experience sailor photographer and sailor, our private tours are meticulously designed to help you capture the breathtaking beauty of these islands through your lens.

The Expertise of Captain Alan


Before captaining his vessel, Alan spent twenty years as a professional portrait and commercial photographer, earning the Fellow of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of Washington. He a collection of awards and has  his photography skills and expertise in Photoshop editing to fellow professionals through teaching.


During our wildlife photography safari in the San Juan Islands, Captain Alan will teach you how to scout for the perfect light and composition, advanced metering techniques, and capture the peak moment of action. Whether photographing the dynamic marine life or the tranquil landscapes, you'll gain invaluable tools for your photographic pursuits.


Marvel at the Marine Giants


Our tours are rich in encounters with the diverse marine life of the San Juan Islands.  The best place in the world to see Killer whales is right here near San Juan island.  Hundreds of Bigg’s killer whales make the archipelago part of their regular hunting range.  They are around all year and can be seen potentially on any trip. The majestic humpback whales who had been hunted out in the whaling years and now number in the hundreds in the Salish Sea during May through December then migrate to warmer waters.  We also see, minke and gray whales, each trip offers a unique opportunity to learn and capture these magnificent creatures.

Tailored Private Tours for Optimal Experience


Our tours are exclusively private, ensuring a personalized experience. Conducted in the afternoons when the light is ideal for photography, we explore the islands in search of the best photo opportunities. As we navigate aboard our vessel, Makani,


A Sustainable Approach to Wildlife Watching


At San Juan Island Sailing, we are committed to sustainable tourism. We strictly follow guidelines to reduce our impact on the wildlife and the untouched environment of the San Juan Islands. Our goal is to provide a memorable experience while preserving the islands' beauty for future generations.


Why Choose Us for Your Wildlife Photography Safari?


Opting for our private tours means experiencing a perfect blend of passion for photography and breathtaking scenery under expert guidance. These tours are ideal for special occasions or simply honing your photography skills under professional mentorship.


Embark on Your Adventure


The San Juan Islands await with their unmatched beauty and diverse wildlife. Join us at San Juan Island Sailing for a wildlife photography safari in the San Juan Islands that promises not only stunning photographs but also compelling stories. Dive into the art of photography surrounded by the natural wonders of the San Juan Islands. Book your private tour today and experience the best of whale & wildlife watching in the San Juan Islands. Let's set sail on a journey of discovery and creativity together!

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